Our Services

Easy Staffing

We offer staffing solutions as per the need of the client and make sure we get them a better deal. Easy staffing refers to temporary staffing or leasing of employees as well as permanent staffing. The staffing process at our end is executed in a simpler and requirement-based way. We evaluate and analyze the need of our clients, search for the best suitable application which may be already employed, unemployed, looking for an opportunity and is open to take up a new a job.

We create a friendly atmosphere for the recruiters as well as the candidates, help conduct preliminary and final interviews, shortlist the deserving candidates and take regular follow-up until the candidate is offered the job.

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide well-suited payroll outsourcing services to small as well as medium scale enterprise and look after delivering safe and process driven solutions. We assist the clients in handling payroll solutions which is indeed a typical thing process to carry out by people other than experts. Few of the payroll responsibilities carried out by us include-
A. Employee Management,
B. Pay slip Generation,
C. Customized Report Generation,
D. Withholding Employee Taxes.

HR Consulting Services

We cover a wider spectrum of HR services tailored according to our client’s human resource requirements. We offer varied HR consulting services depending upon the type of system and process they want to carry out to recruit or outsource their manpower. In order to support the organization’s growth, we deliver end to end consulting services that are based on a set time frame and are carried out with extremely professional HR approach. Our wide spectrum or consulting services includes-
A. Manpower planning and structuring,
B. Laying down the vision and mission,
C. Defining the policy manual,
D. Designing the recruitment system,
E. Structuring the compensation,
F. In-house and outsourcing manpower management.

Outsourcing Services

Worry-free recruitment processes is one of our major objectives and it is clearly reflected through our integrated and full-proof recruitment processes. Outsourcing service are aimed towards reducing the burden of our client’s HR team and proudly taking the responsibility on our shoulders in order to help the organization’s HR team focus on the core business aims and attain peace of mind. We help the organization bring in the most qualified and experienced employees when it is in need to complete a specific project within a short span of time. This result in-
A. Cost Effective Hiring,
B. Quality Hiring,
C. Wider Reach,
D. Better Turnaround Time,
E. Experience and Expertise of HR Team.